A strandline in Australia Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/4729836979/

Strandline earns a four-star review!

A strandline in Australia Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/4729836979/

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/4729836979/

Gavin Williams posted a glowing review of my sci-fi/action serial Strandline on Web Fiction Guide. Thanks, Gavin! He wrote:

“Strandline” features a futuristic world where the United States no longer exists, but the west coast features a Western Coalition. There’s a Republic and also independent states like Strandline, a man made island in the Gyre of the Pacific. One of the most interesting things about the way “Strandline” is written is that the details are naturally brought up in the interactions of characters, instead of in big expository info-dumps. So I’m not sure geographically where the Republic might be (I’m guessing China?) but I like how the characters act like real people.

The story revolves around nictans who can teleport over vast distances, and apparently some (or all?) are telepathic. Kristin, raised in the Coalition, doesn’t know much about nictans, but has recently learned that she has the same abilities. What little exposition there is comes from her encountering new ideas, and readjusting her world view.

There is apparently some conflict between the different political groups, with Greenmen attacking ships. They apparently have different powers than what the nictans have shown so far, as one seemed to have energy or telekinetic powers, manipulating oil and sea water.

There are plenty of creative details to enjoy, and lots of geo-political intrigue developing, along with the focus on Kristin and her experiences as she learns about herself and her place in the world. All kinds of opportunities for interesting suspense and conflict, and lots of room for character development. This story has tons of potential and it will be interesting to see where it leads.

The “Republic” is the Republic of Hawaii. The Hawaii part isn’t mentioned until the fifth or sixth episode. I try to write natural-sounding dialog, and I didn’t think that the characters would use the country’s full name in the earlier conversations. Anyhoo, there are two Strandline world maps on the media page. I have to check them from time to time to remember which countries still exist. :)

If Strandline sounds like your sort of story, please give it a try. New episodes are posted every Friday. You can get updates by email or by RSS.

Addison and Shane (with title) from STRANGE LITTLE BAND

SLB review roundup

Addison and Shane (with title) from STRANGE LITTLE BAND
Reviews for Strange Little Band are coming in slowly but surely. So far the majority of readers give the non-sappy paranormal romance a thumbs up, as evidenced by its overall four-star rating on Goodreads.

Here are excerpts from the most recent reviews.

The plot is filled with lust, twists and turns that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. … A nail-biter that is not for the weak at heart! Worth every penny that you pay.

Lisa M. on Smashwords


Goodreads reader Happy put Strange Little Band at the top of her Awesome List for 2010. On Goodreads she gave the novel five stars and wrote:

This is really good! I had a late start today because I couldn’t put this book down once I began reading it last night. … I’m impressed and will soon be slightly depressed when this ends.


I first read about Strange Little Band on Galaxy Express. When I followed the link I found I could download the first half of the book free. I found the story fascinating and had trouble putting it down so I purchased the full book from Smashwords.

J.C. Jones


Both of the main characters are strong and manipulative; it’s refreshing to read a story with such complex characters and so much hidden politics at play.

Technically, this is a dark paranormal romance, which is personally not my cup of tea. But this isn’t the [porn without plot] you’d expect from the genre, this is something slightly more twisted, set on a background of a corporation that is as mystifying as it is sinister. … it soon develops into a nail-biting tale of corporate intrigue as Addison and Shane build up a tentative trust only to find all of Triptych against them.

A.M. Harte’s review on Amazon

More reviews can be found on Goodreads and the Strange Little Band website.

Here’s a treat for anyone who read this far. :) Use coupon code CM87Z to purchase an electronic copy of SLB from Smashwords for $1.50. It’s normally $2.99. Choose from these ebook formats— ePub, PDF, Kindle (.mobi), LRF, and Palm Doc (PDB)— or read the ebook online. The coupon expires on January 1, so hurry!

OTHER SIDES cover art

Sci-fi/fantasy book giveaway!

OTHER SIDES cover art

OTHER SIDES speculative fiction anthology, published by ErgoFiction

I’m giving away books left and right anymore. :)

As part of my authorly duty to help promote the sci-fi/fantasy anthology Other Sides, I’m giving away one paperback copy. I’d use Goodreads’ nifty giveaway feature, but I’m not the publisher of the book—the fantabulous ErgoFiction is—so that’s not doable. So I made my own giveaway engine with Google Docs.

I’ll randomly select the winner at noon Eastern time on Wednesday, November 24.

Click here to enter!

If you’re still not convinced, see what other readers have had to say about Other Sides by scrolling down to the Press section on the book’s official site. Here’s one example.

“Ergofiction has skilfully cleaved signal from noise and compiled a very good collection . . . Any one of Other Sides’ authors writes far better than some of the authors being paid millions today.”
— inkspot on Violin in a void

And the winner is… Katherine K. of Germany! I’ll contact you soon, Katherine, to get your mailing address.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Remember, you can still download an electronic copy of Other Sides for free (PDF or ePub formats).


Free paperback, anyone?


Strange Little Band by Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks

Goodreads has a nifty book giveaway feature to help authors promote new releases. Vanessa and I are all over that! We’re giving four copies of Strange Little Band away on November 22nd. Enter to win at Goodreads!


Strange Little Band (the novel) launch!


Strange Little Band by Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks

Whew! After a year and a half of writing and a few more months of editing, formatting with InDesign, creating the cover art, and learning how to generate different eBook formats, the novel Strange Little Band is ready for prime time. Here’s the blurb.

Addison and Shane, two self-centered psychics, work for the cut-throat Triptych Corporation. Their insular lives are disrupted when, due to Triptych’s machinations, they become unlikely parents. How can they raise a child when they can’t trust each other?

If you’re not sure if this story is your cup of tea, check out the first four chapters for free.

Paperback, eBook, and collector’s editions are available at the new store. We’re giving away four copies through Goodreads too. Any sort of ratings or reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, or personal blogs would be most appreciated. They all help spread the word!