(If you're scratching your head over "WRITE ALL THE THINGS," go here. You'll thank me.)

I used to write a lot. I need to get back into that, especially to finish the first thing listed below.

Here's some stuff that I or a friend and I wrote.



Strandline started off as a reader-directed web serial featuring an alternate history, a new subspecies of humans, and the Great Pacific garbage patch. It stalled after about 17 chapters. I'm reworking it into a novella and will sell ebook versions of it. If you'd like a sneak peek, the original web serial chapters are available for free on Smashwords.

Strange Little Band


Vanessa Brooks and I are two sci-fi geeks who don’t read romance novels, yet wound up writing one. It’s sort of an anti-romance novel about two powerful psychics who aren’t nice people. We had a blast writing it. Strange Little Band has its own site, where you’ll find reviews, a free download of the first few chapters, and, of course, links to buy the paperback and ebook editions.

Other Sides


In 2010 I was invited to contribute to the short story anthology Other Sides. My story, “Sixth of November,” is effectively a prologue to Strandline.

Indra’s Net

Shoom Zone Productions hired me to write character bios and a detailed treatment for a sci-fi/action/comedy feature film. Here’s the log line.

After a reforming burglar discovers he can move between parallel worlds, he and an overachieving security expert must work together to mend a deadly tear between realities.

A few excerpts from the Indra’s Net treatment are in my original blog post about the project.